AVICHE M1 Wearable Ionic Air Purifier

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  • Transform aviation technology into product design
  • Portable, sporty design, high concentration of negative oxygen ions
  • The output of negative ions reaches 20 million
  • AVICHE negative ion air purifier is not a traditional purifier, no need to replace consumable filter, environmental friendly and convenient
  • Effectively isolate viruses, bacteria and remove PM2.5 from the air
  • The removal rate reaches 99.9%. Viruses and bacteria in the air will be inactivated after contacting negative ions, and then decompose into water and carbon dioxide
  • Stylish and small, suitable for wearing it around the neck, can be used continuously for 35 hours after fully charged, now you can breathe clean air anytime, anywhere
  • Proprietary conductive lanyard for higher efficiency
  • Wearable negative ion air purifier is light and easy to carry, the net weight is only 50g

M1 is a wearable negative ion air purifier that can purify the air, eliminate dust, eliminate germs, prevent infection, improve immunity, and improve mood. Negative ion air purifier can instantly remove harmful substances around you, so that you can breathe safer cleaner air.


Model: AVICHE M1 (with neck rope, Micro-USB cable)

Product name: Wearable Ionic Air Purifier

Charging: Micro-USB charging

Output: 20 million PCS/cm3 negative ions occur continuously every second, 8 million PCS/cm3 negative ions (5cm)

Working hours: 35-40 hours

Effective range: 1 m3

Dimensions: 80 x 37 x 24 (mm)

Battery: Built-in lithium battery 650mAh

Net weight: 50 g

Certificates: CE