CAR IONION Negative Ion Air Purifier For Car Use

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The car is often a closed environment which is prone to bacteria, viruses and harmful substances, and bad ventilation will also cause bad smell over time!  Using Japan-made CAR IONION car negative ion air purifier is more effective and practical than placing deodorant fragrances, and there is no need to replace any filters!


  • 1.1 million negative ions released per cubic centimeter
  • Measurement and certification by Japan Functional Ion Association
  • Deodorization rate reaches 99.9%
  • Can remove 99.9% PM2.5 particles
  • Plug into the cigarette lighter socket, ready to use
  • Made in Japan


Product specifications

Main component: ABS resin

Dimensions: length 84 × width 28 × height 30 (cylinder diameter 20) mm

Weight: 24g

Power supply: car socket (input DC12V, output-4.5KV 30mA)

Function display: blue LED display

Working environment: temperature 0-40°C, humidity 30-70%

Negative ion generation: about 1,100,000 pieces/cm3 *Measured by Japan Functional Ion Association

Country of origin: Japan

It’s a parallel imported goods, however, we do offer a **30-day replacement guarantee for any defective items.
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