DUNHOME Portable Sodium Hypochlorous Disinfectant Generator

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DUNHOME Portable Hypochlorous Electrolyzed Water Generator

Disinfection and sterilization assistant anytime, anywhere

Small and portable | simple operation | efficient sterilization | safe to use

Product Features

The ingredients for the production of hypochlorous acid electrolyzed water are non-toxic and harmless. Hypochlorous acid water is officially approved by the US FDA and Japan, and has a sterilization strength about 80 times higher than that of bleach.

Natural quality, only using salt and water as ingredients, does not produce other harmful substances, so it is suitable for family and safe for pets.

Very economical and convenient, can be produced in large quantities at any time, especially suitable for cleaning and disinfecting large areas.

Hypochlorous acid is formed by electrolysis of water and table salt. Sodium hypochlorite disinfection water is recognized as a high-efficacy sanitizer in the world. Since the disinfectant contains high concentration of chlorine, it can effectively kill various pathogens and viruses, such as E. coli, Staphylococcus, Klebsiella, Legionnaires' disease, Salmonella intestinal, Candida albicans, Aspergillus niger, Influenza A virus, etc., hypochlorous acid water also has a strong deodorant function.

The Theory Behind

Water consists of hydrogen and oxygen. The salt is made of sodium and chloride.  Water and salt are used to form strong sodium hydroxide and hypochlorous acid after electrolysis.  Not only has the characteristics of natural, high sterilization, but also safe, without any chemical substances, to bring you more protection!

The operation is very simple

1. Add high-sodium salt/table salt (with the included measuring spoon) and 200 ml of room temperature water

2. Shake the bottle until the salt is fully dissolved in the water

3. Then simply press on the power and wait for 2 minutes, after the electrolysis is completed, the maker will have a ‘beep’ sound to notify

4. Now, hypochlorous acid water has been generated and is ready for use

5. The generated hypochlorous acid water is recommended to be used within 24 hours



Product brand: Dunhome

Product name: Dunhome Portable Sodium Hypochlorous Disinfectant Generator

Product model: DH-003

Chlorine concentration: 250ppm

Input voltage: 100-240V

Output voltage: 5V

Product color: white

Product size: 78.2*78.2*251mm

Capacity: 250mL

Certificates: CE, RoHS



  • It is recommended to use salt/table salt containing high sodium chloride (it is available in supermarkets). Do not use sea salt, coarse salt, or low sodium salt to avoid affecting the sterilization efficiency.
  • Do not leave the hypochlorous acid water in the maker for a long time.  After each use, just rinse the inside of the maker with clean water.
  • Since the generated hypochlorous acid water will have bleaching ingredients, care should be taken on colored fabrics to avoid discoloration.
  • Please avoid using on metal surfaces.
  • Do not swallow hypochlorous acid water.
  • Do not mix with other chemical cleaners.
  • Since hypochlorous acid water is easily decomposed under light, if it is not used immediately, it is recommended to transfer the solution to an opaque container.
  • Although the generated hypochlorous acid water is purely natural and has no chemical components, if there are children and pets around, it is recommended to wipe or rinse with clean water after spraying the hypochlorous acid water to remove any residual.
  • Since it contains a certain level of chlorine, do not use hypochlorous acid water on the eyes and skin of human and pets to avoid injury.
  • When the product is taken out for the first time, there may be a small amount of water in the nozzle or maker. This is the result of the water test before leaving the factory and does not mean that it has been used by others.