Star Air Ozone Deodorization Sterilizer

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iF DESIGN AWARD in Germany 2020



SENFEEL smart home system offers a range of products designed to improve the home living environment. Its newest smart design “O3 super oxygen deodorization sterilizer” is a Star Air series mini Ozone purifier* which is designed for “Home Aseptic Life” and aiming to safeguard family health and safety.

The design of this awarded^ ozone purifier is perfect for sterilization and deodorization in any confined space such as closet, shoes cabinet, wardrobe, drawer, refrigerator (but not freezer!) and even washing machine (it has to be dry)

The purifier is mini but the sterilization effect is powerful. Star Air uses “corona discharge method” to generate ozone, and the ozone concentration per hour can be up to 2000ug*, and the disinfection rate is up to 99.92% in 2 hours. It can effectively kill virus and bacteria, as well as deodorizing and deworming.

Now you don’t have to worry about disinfecting the wrapping or the surface before you store things into the refrigerator or cabinet. You can also effectively remove any odor or moldy smell with this mini ozone purifier.

💡Little tips: you can put the mini ozone purifier in a big container with lid and create yourself a disinfection box!

^This ozone purifier is part of the Senfeel smart home sterilizing set, which is awarded for its product design by iF Would Design Guide of Germany in the Design Award 2020

*this is not intended to be used as an air purifier


Energy-saving mode: press button until green light is on, first cycle works for 30min. After 30min, pause for 55min, then start working for 5min. Then continue the cycle of suspension 55min and work 5min.

Efficient mode: press button until blue light is on, first cycle works for 30min. After 30min, pause for 20min, then start working for 30min.Then continue the cycle of suspension 20min and work 30min.


Model: X1

Brand: Senfeel

Product name: Star Air Ozone Deodorization Sterilizer

Effective range: 2 m3

Power supply: USB charging

Battery: Built-in lithium 800mAh

Power input: 3.7v

Charging time: 1-2 hours

Working time: 8 days

Product size: 85*56 mm

Net weight: 76g

Product material: ABS outer shell

Certificates: CE, FCC, RoHS