Vitamer Portable Blender and Juicer 2-in-1

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This portable juicer can satisfy your daily cravings for freshly made smoothies, milkshakes or any mixed fruit juice. Light-weight and stylish design makes this juicer perfect for both home or travel use. This compact juicer allows you to stay healthy at all times.




This portable juicer is rechargeable with built-in 2000mAh battery and compatible with universal voltage input by using USB charging cable. It gives you around 8-15 times of blending beverages after every single charge.




Compact and portable design made from Tritan and BPA free food-safe materials. Juicer blades use 304 stainless steel, it is a highly heat-resistant grade with good corrosion resistance.



With our powerful stainless steel blades and 14000 RPM speed, the juicer can even crush the ice. You can quickly stir up a variety of vegetable juice, fruit juice, smoothie, milk shake, or any mashed food.



The juicer has a smart safety protection and magnetic sensing switch, it's very safe to use and very easy to clean. The Vitamer juicer's body and bottom can be separated for easy cleaning, and when they are separated, the blade function will also be deactivated automatically for safety.


Package includes:

1 X Rechargeable Juicer

1 X USB Power Cord

1 X User Manual


How to Use:

1. Clean the fruit and cut it into small pieces of about 2cmx2cm size. (for fruit with hard core, hard material, thick skin or hard shell, please remove it first)

2. Put the cut fruit in, about 60% of the cup volume, and add 20% water or milk, so that the total volume will be about 80% of the cup volume.

3. Then, tighten the cup cover, turn the juicer up side down and press switch to start. Once the blades start rotating, turn the juicer back to upward position. When the juicer is working, gently shake the cup for better juicing.

4. After juicing is done, just unscrew the cup cover for drinking.


Brand: Vitamer

Product name: Portable Blender and Juicer 2 in 1

Material: Food Grade PP, Food Grade ABS, 304 Stainless Steel

Color: Pink, White

Size: 234x78.2x78.2mm/9.21x3.08x3.08in

Volume: 350ml

Motor speed: No load 20000 rpm/min (error 15%); Load 14000 rpm/min (error 15%)

Working current: 10-12A

Working voltage: 3.7V

Battery capacity: 2000mAh

Working time: 30s each time, 15 times

⚠️ This product is a juicing machine. It can't grind nuts or beans directly, otherwise this will affect the service life.